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Usable Trust in the Internet of Things!


uTRUSTit Usable Trust in the Internet of Things is an international collaboration between six organizations from six various countries aiming at integrating the user directly in the trust chain, guaranteeing transparency in the underlying security and reliablilty properties of the Internet of Things. The project is supported by the EU under Framework Programme 7.

The Internet of Things (IoT) will connect a large number of communication and information systems. These systems will be part of everyday life in the same way mobile phones have become part of our lives. The information security properties of the IoT are often difficult to understand for its users, because they are hidden in pervasive systems and small devices manufactured by a large number of vendors. Trustworthiness, security functions and privacy implications are vast, and must be assessable to users and consumers.

The results of uTRUSTit enable system manufacturers and system integrators to express the underlying security concepts to users in a comprehensible way, allowing them to make valid judgements on the trustworthiness of such systems. Further, uTRUSTits design guidelines on trust help the industry to implement the trust-feedback toolkit developed by uTRUSTit in a secure, usable and accessible way.